How to use AllShare on your Samsung GalaxyS / Vibrant with an Xbox 360

It seems some people have had trouble using AllShare with the xbox 360, so here's a short clip on how it works. ______You need to have a 360 connected to Windows Media Center_____ Most people who have a desktop running Windows Vista or Windows 7 have Media Center. There are other videos on how to set that up if you don't have it set up yet. Unimportant notes: At the time I made this video, I was running Rooted Stock Android 2.1 Eclair that came with the phone. I have LauncherPro replacing the standard TouchWiz launcher.


  1. shmav52 says:

    It works but what about the unsupported? data? Why won't it play all files?

  2. hirokido says:

    how else could i get videos on? my phone to play on my xbox 360 if i don't use wirelss

  3. crp17dx says:

    gosh darnit this doesnt work cuz i have windows xp wtf man? that sucks!!!

  4. dewwrong says:

    does my xbox live account have to be active or just? need wifi

  5. dewwrong says:

    does my xbox live account have active or just need wifi?

  6. moriel01 says:

    maybe he thought it was Xvideos.. haha.. he doesn't have any idea? that it was actually Divx movie.

  7. kookie4nookie says:

    wth! whyd you change the instrumental!?!? only reason i watch this vid... crap!! unsubbing as i type!!!!!? =P

  8. reuthermonkey1 says:

    If you're referring to the movie? "Snatch", that's not exactly porn...
    search for it on IMDB if you're curious!

  9. reuthermonkey1 says:

    Not sure what you mean. There may be other info on playing stuff directly from your phone while it's plugged in. That's not the point of this video though. This is? specifically to demonstrate using AllShare DLNA to play videos from your phone onto your TV through an Xbox360 with Media Center

  10. reuthermonkey1 says:

    that's just LauncherPro? - nothing too special =)

  11. MrPolids says:

    Haha he had? porn

  12. blazindem says:

    why did you change the instrumental?
    wts? the original called???

  13. iaudiomani says:


  14. thejoey0610 says:

    so is this? seriously impossible to do with out a stupid wireless network?!?!?!?! u cant even look at videos and photos from ur phone through ur xbox??? without havin a wireless connection?

  15. reuthermonkey1 says:

    nope, no CM.? just launcherpro. :-) and i dont know if this will work on any sony or other device...

  16. fuyiho11 says:

    Do? I do this to my sony bluray s370 via samsung galaxy ace

  17. SenoreQueso says:

    Are you running? CM?

  18. kookie4nookie says:

    Awesome screen shot! Could u post the bgm playing? Please!?!? Oh? and what rom is that? I noticed its not stock!

  19. xXMoeyzXx73 says:

    watch ur crap? i did that but nuthing happend?

  20. survivorevil says:

    If you knew how to use it? why are you still on eclair?

  21. blazev9 says:

    whats the instrumental? called?

  22. chubz1337 says:

    dont know? why but lol'ed at step 5

  23. NoNickname9090 says:

    Oh yea! I'm on the Vibrant: Eclair too. I found out how to do all that without Froyo. First I didn't? even think it was possible, but yea.

  24. MeAndNot3 says:

    Try PDAnet for USB Tethering. Works? perfect for me.

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