Pantallas OLED: nueva tecnología para los televisores de pantalla plana – Parte 2/2

Check out these LED tv, samsung television hdtv, 720p, plasma tv, 1080p images:

Javier Atencia y Patricia Burgos hablan sobre la nueva tecnología que se está usando en la fabricación de los televisores de pantalla plana: la tecnología OLED.
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Which TV is best for gaming?
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  1. leiscarlos says:

    amigo como reparo? una pantalla de esas que se me partió

  2. vanfred213 says:

    xcelente video aunk halla sido subido hace 2 años,me gusto la xplicacion sobre tvs oleds :-) ?

  3. carlosgerez says:

    Muy? bueno pero muy bueno el programa!! saludos desde Argentina.!

  4. redtves says:

    Si, son Oled pero con tecnologia Amoled (en este caso, Superamoled).
    La diferencia es que Oled como se llaman? genericamente a este tipo de pantallas. Amoled quiere decir Oled de Matriz Activa.

  5. airtech17 says:

    soys muy buenos haciendo analisis seguid asi, no he visto ni un soloc anal de youtube en español que de tantos detalles sobre? toda esta tecnologia de visualizacion. Una pregunta: las pantallas superamoled de samsung, por ejemplo la de mi galaxy nexus, son oled?

  6. deemon116 says:

    ya me staba animando con lo? de los del led hasta que dijo el precio D:

  7. yowaster says:

    una panlla led solo dura 15 mil horas? ocea q si veo 10 horas diarias? me dura como 4 años???

  8. fega0009 says:

    excelentes videos explicativos...muy buenos y clarito, slds desde Chile!!!?


    Bien...con los LED?

  10. MrScartwo says:

    muchas gracias por tus videos? me han ayudado mucho para los trabajos de clase

  11. dejavu121 says:

    muy buena exolicacion gracias ahora ya se la? diferencia entre led y o led :)

  12. armandoconde9 says:

    exelente.? muy bien explicado el asunto por lo consiguiente me decido por la lcd led. muchas gracias muy util sigan asi.......

  13. wyattutz says:

    i would just use a 22" monitor?

  14. michigan1777 says:

    I have a 32 inch vizio lcd tv and a sony bravia. I really like the? plasma screen tvs. Theyre so smooth

  15. Jakems28 says:

    OK then.?

  16. bohemiangrove says:

    Grammar, I don't? even know what that means

  17. Jakems28 says:

    Bro, add some grammar. Then, maybe I'll be able to understand what the hell you're saying. Any retard can optimize their TV's picture, which has nothing to? do with what I said. Anywhore, I'm out, 'til you reply.

  18. bohemiangrove says:

    it made no sense because you are stupid. ?

  19. Jakems28 says:

    That made literally no sense. I already did set up my TV. I? was just reporting my findings.

  20. bohemiangrove says:

    HDTV come with a? CD to manully change the settings to your likings. it's something nobody really knows. you have to set up your tv. it's not a out of the box thing.

  21. Jakems28 says:

    I? got it in 2010 and it was like the first TV the lady recomended to me. To think, that with all that stupid useless 120HZ gimmick stuff away, it was actually worth less to me than the Plasma. Now, here's the thing. I played at a friends house and he had a 27 inch HDTV. I'm not sure what it was but it had to be an LCD, it was a cheap Visia. Yet, the motion was JUST AS good as the plasma. WTF, I am so confused how older TVs actually are better on game mode than newer models!!

  22. Jakems28 says:

    Look I am really mad. I got a 50 inch 3D plasma for 799, but then this. I got a 40inch lcd for my room. I'm gaming in my room and with anything that would effect the response time turned off, I noticed? lag. I come from a crt tv, so moving to this was terrible. So I used my living room tv, AMAZING. Game mode at 60hz and motion looks fantastic and smooth, suddenly I feel like I'm playing on a high sensitivity again on cod! The 40 inch I got was 1000 bucks, LN40c670, rip off.

  23. MrTechGuy224 says:

    Not true?

  24. MrTechGuy224 says:

    you got the wrong plasma get Panasonic VIERA TC-P50ST50 one of the best tv's on? the market

  25. fatenabu1 says:

    mine has horrible image retention, brand new samsung 51inch tv..have had the logic board? replaced, voltage adjusted, and panel replaced, and now having pixel dying..not happy with my plasma tv

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