Simple Mobile HTC HD2 Internet and MMS FIX !!!

This is episode 3:This video will guide your through setting up your HTC HD2 with full internet and MMS on Simple Mobile NOTE: This phone does not need to be unlocked in order to work on Simple Mobile it works straight out the box for phone calling and text all that needs to be set up is the Internet and MMS. Instructions: Navigate to "Settings, Then "Wireless Controls", Then Click on "Menu" **On the lower right hand corner SELECT: Connections on the bottom you will see TABS which are "Tasks" and "Advanced" Tap on "Advanced" Now you will see the Connections Page. Here tap on "Select Networks" Button This will take you to Network Management. You will see two sets of settings one for "Programs that automatically connect to the Internet Should Connect using" ***This is the Important one [ Edit... ] [New...] and one for "Programs that automatically connect to a Private network should connect using" ***Should not be important unless you're connecting to a VPN of some sort etc.. SELECT: [New... ] under "Programs that automatically connect to the internet" My ISP NAME: should be "Simple" or "Simple Internet" THEN TAP ON "Modem" on the bottom tabs and tap [New...] Enter a name for connection: "Simple" Select a Modem: *** IMPORTANT *** Select: "Cellular Line (GPRS)" Then tap on Next. *** IMPORTANT ** Access Point Name: "simple" Then Next. Leave the User Name, Password, and Domain BLANK! TAP FINISH. Then "OK" on the upper right hand corner Make sure "Simple" is ...


  1. mitsuo39 says:

    .? Got suspended after only 15 says with Simple because of high data use. and from day 1 I never could get speeds over. 014 mbps.

  2. mijovi93 says:


  3. mubashar hussain says:

    hi guys i got htc hd2 and? $50 plan but my 3g/4g isnt working can any one help me

  4. r0cksta554 says:

    i think so because it says on the simple sim card packages? that it works on UNLOCKED GSM phones

  5. rexbygraves says:

    you are a legend i have been trying to get picture? messaging working on my hd2 for years, god bless you.

  6. Miguel Angel Torres Espinoza says:

    Do I need to unlock my phone?

  7. awalk3970 says:

    Thanks guy u really helped me out set up data and? mms

  8. levelItzme says:

    I need help with my HTC HD2 Internet can someone help me please? The problem is that the internet does work cause i change the connection to another name and i delete the simple connection and? i try to set up the connection again to simple but it says "A connection already exist with name" and its doesnt let me do nothing. Can someone help me please it will mean alot to me if you can help me. Thanks!

  9. DJS1NNAY says:

    do you need to unlock? the htc hd2 for simple mobile

  10. nikzayly says:

    you? saved me !!!!!!! thankyou

  11. MariSuppaBadd says:

    Yourr A Life SAVER? Sir :)

  12. CasualLThug says:

    download "connection setup" from the marketplace or go to the htc hub under the featured category to get it. It does all the work for you in setting up the phone for mms, works like a charm for? me!

  13. lucy herrera says:

    hi there i have a? htc inspire 4g can you help me set up my phone pls

  14. garabedo3 says:

    i just? sign in to say thax and like this video

  15. mubashar hussain says:

    thanks man that was a? ez one man thank you

  16. Abe Kimble-Henderson says:

    I need help. Bought a simple mobile sim? for mytouch 3g, and its not working. Can you help???

  17. X360CINIMA says:

    Does? simple mobile get 3g everywhere like tmobile?

  18. Monae215 says:

    You are a freaking lifesaver!!!! Not even simple mobile was able to help me get my MMS to? work.... I followed your tutorial and my picture text messages loaded right away!! Thank you so much for posting this video!!

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